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Theatre Groups

Perth has a wide range of live theatre companies providing a wide variety of professional and professional-calibre theatre at community prices. We will add descriptions of each of these below as we receive them:

  • Perth Performing Arts Committee [PPAC]
  • Perth Community Choir [PCC]
  • Perth School of Dance [PSD]
  • Studio Theatre Productions
  • Barn Door Productions
  • Mississippi Muds
  • MERA
  • The Folk Upstairs
  • Orion Productions
  • New Theatre Perth 
  • Perth Theatre Project
  • Unicorn Children's Theatre
  • Company of the Studio Theatre
  • Perth Academy of Musical Theatre
  • Perth and District Collegiate Institute Drama Club

  Studio Theatre Productions 

The Studio Theatre is Perth's only community theatre space and is now the home of Studio Theatre Productions.  Now entering its eleventh year of operation it is a favorite with regulars and visitors alike for live musical and theatrical performances.  Come and visit the Studio Theatre located on the banks of the Tay Basin.

   New Theatre Perth  

A new community theatre company in Perth that currently produces 2 productions per year at the Studio Theatre.

 Myriad Centre for the Arts 

Myriad Centre For The Arts, located in the Old Perth Shoe Factory on Sherbrooke St., is the new home of the Perth Academy of Musical Theatre, Orion Theatre Company and the recently launched Love of Literature Academy. It has long been a dream of founder, Heidi Stepanek, to develop a multi-arts facility in Perth, and she and her husband, Peter Dixon, have been working extremely hard over the past few years to make it a reality. Taking a measured approach to developing the Centre has meant that this arts-based business- a rare type of venture with many challenges, has been able to remain viable and continue to develop an important niche in Perth's extensive artistic community

BarnDoor Productions 

Awaiting final copy from BarnDoor Productions

Perth Community Choir 

Awaiting final copy from Perth Community Choir. 

 PDCI Drama Club

PDCI has a long history of supporting and participating in the performing arts. From the early days of PCI ( Perth Collegiate Institute ) when school performances took place downtown in the Balderson Theatre, to the late fifties and sixties, when musical and dramatic performances were held in the school�s new auditorium,

Mississippi Muds

Awaiting final copy from the Mississippi Muds


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